Falling for Fall

shot with a Nikon D750 with lensbaby composer pro and sweet 35 optic

I love fall.  Unfortunately I live in Florida where it is practically summer all year round! So that means I need to go where autumn is in full swing to make some awesome photos! 

Every year around late October, my husband and I visit his family in the Hudson Valley.  It gives me an opportunity to refresh my photographic library and to hone my skills.  This year I wanted to get a little more creative so I used my Lensbaby composer pro with the sweet 35 optic to take a creative spin on the world around me!

The Lensbaby composer pro is a tilt lens that is part of the optic swap system.  To make cool images, tilt the lens until the part of the image you want is in focus "the sweet spot" and the rest of the image is out of focus.  I have used this lens and optic in the past but I was easily frustrated.  It's a manual focus lens which requires a little finesse to get it to work just right.  I found that when I mount it on a tripod and use live view on my camera, I achieve the results that I am looking for-a nice sharp sweet spot with a beautiful, artistic flair.   

Now you may be asking "why can't you just do that in photoshop?"  I suppose you can get some of the effect of the blur but I find that it's very time consuming.  I personally enjoy the creative process of making interesting photographs in the field.  

I captured some amazing shots on this trip and I have added them to the shop!  With the holidays right around the corner, it's never to early to start your shopping!  We offer unique canvas art for any room in your home or office and our art makes a special gift that is sure to please the hard to shop for friend, family member, boss or co worker.  

To learn about how you can take your photography to the next artistic level, check out the lensbaby site at www.lensbaby.com